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Although public worship in the Diocese of Fall River has resumed, Bishop Da Cunha's dispensation from the obligation of assisting at Sunday Mass remains in effect. We will continue to live-stream daily Mass and weekend Masses on our Facebook page at SantoChristoParish. You are encouraged to participate prayerfully with your family, joining your hearts, minds, and voices to the priestly action of Christ in the liturgy as if you were physically present.  Please pray for an end to this coronavirus pandemic.

2021 Annual Catholic Appeal  •  Apelo Anual Católico



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The theme for 2021 is “Time to Gather, Time to Heal, Time to Love.” Since 1942, the Catholic Appeal has helped people in all phases of life – from children, to youth, to parents, to the elderly. Your support sustains the numerous agencies, programs, and ministries of the Diocese of Fall River providing food and shelter, educating children and adults, and meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of thousands. We encourage you to support the Appeal as generously as you can.  The campaign will soon begin later this spring.

In 2020, as a parish community, we received 376 donations of $24,673 and 9 pledges of $4,970, for a grand final total of $29,643.00. Last year, Santo Christo Parish had 420 total donations of $21,750.00. This year we had less contributors, but who gave generously, as we had an increase of $7,893!!! On behalf of the needy of the Diocese of Fall River, thank you for your generous donations to this worthy cause which supports many of our diocesan agencies and ministries. We surpassed our goal by $6,805.50, which means that our parish will be receiving half of that, $3,402.75 as a financial gift from the diocese, which will be used towards our continuing church renovations.  

Em 2020, como uma comunidade paroquial, recebemos 376 doações de $24,673 e 9 promessas de $4,970, para um total final de $29,643.00. No ano passado, a Paróquia de Santo Cristo teve 420 doações totais de $21,750.00. Este ano tivemos menos contribuintes, mas que doaram generosamente, pois tivemos um aumento de $7,893!!! Em nome dos necessitados da Diocese de Fall River, uma sincera gratidão pela sua generosidade a esta digna causa que apóia muitos apostolados e ministérios diocesanos. Ultrapassamos a nossa meta de $6,805.50, o que significa que a nossa paróquia receberá a metade disso, $3,402.75 como um prêmio da diocese, que será usado para a renovação contínua da nossa igreja.  

Thank you very much! Muito obrigado! ~ Fr. Jeff