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Although public worship in the Diocese of Fall River has resumed, Bishop Da Cunha's dispensation from the obligation of assisting at Sunday Mass remains in effect. We will continue to live-stream daily Mass and weekend Masses on our Facebook page at SantoChristoParish. You are encouraged to participate prayerfully with your family, joining your hearts, minds, and voices to the priestly action of Christ in the liturgy as if you were physically present.  Please pray for an end to this coronavirus pandemic.

A message to parents of children in Faith Formation during this difficult time

As the primary educators of your children, you bear the great responsibility of passing down the Faith to them. While our parishes cannot have any public liturgies or catechism classes, Faith Formation doesn't stop. We continue with our prayers, we can participate in the celebration of the Mass online or on television, and we can continue learning more about the Faith.

To this end, Sadlier, the book publisher our parish uses for Faith Formation classes (for grades 1-7), sent us the following message:


In an effort to help support your parish as you temporarily shift to flexible learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sadlier is offering two online complimentary resources to help maintain continuity of learning.

1) E-book site licenses for Religion
Username: SadlierStudent
Password: ReadyToLearn! [case sensitive]

2) Web resources for Teachers, Students and Families
No Username or Password required


Faith Formation (Religious Education)

For the young people in our community, this catechetical program is intended to culminate with the Eucharist. Faith Formation centers, firstly, on divine worship at Sunday Mass and then on religious instruction by volunteer catechists from our parish. We help parents in their responsibility as the primary teachers of their children's faith by encouraging participation in:
   Sacred Liturgy  •  Faith Sharing  •  Prayer  •  Community Service

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and Adult Confirmation

If you are an unbaptized adult or a baptized non-Catholic, and are interested in becoming Catholic,
we invite you to enroll in RCIA, a process of learning about and being formed in the Catholic Faith.

RCIA classes begin in October and conclude just before Easter.

Unbaptized adults ("catechumens") are typically baptized, confirmed, and given their first
Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday night.

For baptized non-Catholics, entrance into the Catholic Church involves sacramental confession and a
Profession of Faith prior to reception of Confirmation and Holy Communion, typically during the Easter Season.

Unconfirmed adult Catholics wishing to receive Confirmation should enroll in
our parish Adult Confirmation program, which, like RCIA, begins in October.

<<<   To enroll in RCIA or Adult Confirmation, contact our Faith Formation director.   >>>