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UPDATED SEPTEMBER 25, 2021: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to highly recommend indoor mask use in counties with high rates of transmission of COVID-19, even for vaccinated individuals.  Because all of the territory of the Fall River Diocese lies in these areas, the Diocese is also strongly encouraging all parishioners to follow the CDC guidance and wear a mask while attending Mass or other liturgical celebrations. This is particularly important for anyone with a weakened immune system, or at risk because of age or underlying medical condition, or someone who is unvaccinated. The recent uptick in virus transmission is a reminder that the pandemic has not yet passed, and continued vigilance is required. Thank you for your collective commitment to the overall good and health of the parish community. 

2021 Turkey Shoot Raffle Calendar Winners

Below is a list of winners of the 31st Annual Turkey Shoot Raffle Calendar.  For most, they will win
a full turkey dinner (which includes a 12 pound turkey, grocery bag, wine, soda and sweet bread) or noted as below.

A reminder to all the winners that prizes may be picked up
Saturday, November 20, at the Annual Turkey Shoot,
beginning at  6 PM
 in the Church Hall (Kitchen will be open at 5:30 PM).
Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Please contact Mr. Ozzie Pacheco at the Faith Formation Office with any questions or concerns.

Table Updated on November 19, 2021 at 8:30 PM.

Thursday, October 21 Jen Barresi  # 491

Kristina Pereira
(20 lb. turkey)

# 030 
Friday, October 22 Lili Raposa # 146
Saturday, October 23 Erica & Cory Labeta # 495
Sunday, October 24 Sonia Melo # 440
Monday, October 25 Richard Pacheco # 646
Tuesday, October 26 Heidi Javier #464
Wednesday, October 27 Dorothy Jenkins #607
Thursday, October 28 Sonia P. Pereira #198
Friday, October 29 Nicole Vieira #116
Saturday, October 30 Justice Pacheco #645
Sunday, October 31 Julie Medeiros #471
Maria Carvalho
($25 Target Gift Card)
Monday, November 1 Sonia Melo #529

Pauline Rodrigues
(20 lb. Turkey)


Tuesday, November 2 Kim Medeiros #474
Wednesday, November 3 Lisa Louro #512
Thursday, November 4 Margaret Batcheller #662
Friday, November 5 Michelle Camara #395
Saturday, November 6 Armando Ferreira #667
Sunday, November 7 Beatriz Viveiros #085
Monday, November 8 Melissa Souza #306
Tuesday, November 9 Glenn Barboza #319
Wednesday, November 10 Alexis Ferreira #210
Thursday, November 11 Beatriz Viveiros #083
Sevana Ferreira
($25 Target Gift Card)
Friday, November 12 Tanya Linhares #580
Saturday, November 13 Elizabeth Choquette #216
Sunday, November 14 Melissa Hipolito #206
Monday, November 15 Cheryl Bouchard #674
Tuesday, November 16 Tanya Linhares #584
Wednesday, November 17 Lorraine Fernandes #188
Thursday, November 18 Jen Barresi #492
Friday, November 19 Brenda Rodrigues #502
Saturday, November 20 31st Annual
Turkey Shoot
6 PM
in the Church Hall